Thursday, July 16, 2015

If It Won't Fit, Don't Commit!

About every 3 hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. Around 500 collisions per year involve trucks or tractor-trailers.

Driving our truck over train tracks always makes me a bit apprehensive, even if I see a clear track for miles. I always think a train is going to appear out of nowhere. I never get too close to the crossing gates and as soon as I see the coast is clear, I get over those tracks as quickly as possible. Let me tell you, getting 80 feet of vehicle over tracks is a little nerve-racking!

I found this information online which encompasses information for commercial motor vehicle operators.  It's a little easier to read than the FMCSA regulation format. 

The FMCSA's railroad grade crossing rules for
commercial motor vehicles are very specific depending on what type of commercial vehicle you're driving or what kind of cargo you're carrying. And the thing I always do, regardless of what I'm carrying, is to make sure not to shift gears while I'm crossing the tracks. I take no chances. 

You shouldn't either.

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