Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heroes And Legends In South Tucson

This small park is located in the Barrio Historico section of Tucson at the point of South Stone Avenue and South Russell Avenue. It's dedicated to Cesar Chavez, an American farm worker, labor leaders, and civil rights activist.  He was a native of Yuma, Arizona.

It's more of a patch of decorative rock with a tree, water fountain and a bench, than it is a park, but it's got an interesting focal point - a giant mural that takes up the entire wall of the building on the south end.  It was painted by
 artist Melchor Ramirez who is known for painting the heroes and legends of the Aztec and Maya. 

He's included names and dates of well-known human rights activists. From left to right: 
Leo TolstoyMahatma GandhiCesar Chavez, and the Aztec goddess representing female power, Tonan.

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