Friday, July 24, 2015

Te Voglio Bene

This song is called Caruso.  It was written by Lucio Dalla for Enrico Caruso, the famous Italian operatic tenor.

Every time I hear it, I'm haunted by it for days.  
I have been trying to learn the words and I'm coming along.  I want to be able to sing it perfectly. No reason really, other than to just be able to sing along to the words and not mumble through the ones I don't know. I listen to a lot of music when I drive and I like to belt 'em out.  

In the meantime, I'll let the beautiful Lara Fabian sing it to you.  I like her version better than Pavarotti's or even Lucio Dalla's, which you can hear in this video, which was filmed at the Vesuvio Hotel in Naples, where Enrico Caruso died in 1921.

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Gil said...

Beautiful song. You are real lucky to be fluent enough in Italian to understand this.