Wednesday, July 22, 2015

These Little Piggies Went To Market

Yesterday Ed and I ventured to Downtown Tucson hit the 5 Points Market & Restaurant for brunch. It's a place I'd been wanting to try for a long time so I'm glad we were in the area.
We had just dropped the truck off at the shop and as expected, Ed was hungry.  There was a cute little shop next door to this place but Ed wouldn't let me peek in until he had food.  He said I could "shop all I wanted" after he ate. Famous last words. 
We chose a table and was greeted with a carafe of ice water, and menus. I loved the wood tables and I liked their version of a sugar bowl - a tiny quarter pint canning jar with just the band on it and a little spoon sticking out. 
They had some fresh baked items on the counter, one of which I knew I'd be going home with - a cardamom shortbread cookie with crushed pistachios around the edges. I made a good choice because it was delicious. Cardamom...yum.
This is the rear of store, the market part.  They had lots little condiments and jellies, local products, hot sauces, unique canned items.  And also fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and cold beverages.

I love the exposed brick wall and this rustic wood table that sat ten. All the artwork was for sale.
The menu had some really good choices but we quickly came to a decision.  Ed chose the Huevos Rancheros.  Of course, he loves spicy.  The dish was described as Local Fresh Corn Tortillas, Pinto Beans, Over Medium Eggs, Sharp White Chesddar, House Ranchero Sauce, Pico de Gallo, Avocado, and Cilantro-Serrano Pesto.

It was DEElicious!  Believe or not, I've never even tried Huevos Rancheros, for some reason it never appealed to me, maybe it was the pinto beans. But the corn tortillas, the egg, and the spicy sauce was amazing.  I'd give this a try.

I had the Breakfast Toast, Toasted Heritage Red Fife Grain Bread with Pesto Chevre, Over Medium Eggs, House Chianti Jelly, Fresh Greens, and Cilantro. I had the waitress explain the construction of the dish - eggs on top? Chevre, where? Jelly not on the toast? And what were the greens - a salad with my breakfast?

I was skeptical but the Red Fife Grain bread intrigued me, and I love Chevre on anything. This was a meal that would totally appeal to my friend Marlaina. I had to have it.  Boy, did I make the right choice. It was truly amazing.  The toast was spread with the pesto chevre and the egg on top warmed it just enough, and the Chianti jelly on the top was liquidy and sweet, more like a balsamic glaze than a jelly.  And since it was later in the morning, so more brunch than breakfast, the salad made total sense and it was fresh and delicious.

We ordered a three-slice bacon side to split - thick and meaty - coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice. We left extremely satisfied.

We'll definitely be going back, next time for lunch.  I'm already having a hard time deciding between the Pork Torta Sandwich or the Ham & Camembert.  
We look forward to our next visit.

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Belledog said...

Tucson is quite the foodie desert city. Always glad to hear of the oases you find.

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