Friday, February 05, 2016

Steakhouse Din

Tonight we went for steak at the Texas Roadhouse.  We've always gone to Outback because it's near the house, but we haven't loved it the last few times we've gone.  There are a lot of high-end steakhouses in Tucson, but really, this fit the bill for us.  And Ed is happy to eat steak any day of the week, he'd even eat steak cooked on a hubcap.

Ed's parents are visiting this week so we took them and we also took my mother.  It was a pre-birthday dinner  - Ed's birthday is tomorrow.

Everything was pretty tasty - the do a really decent steak - but the place was packed.  It's very common here to have to wait 30-minute or more wait at any kind of restaurant.  It doesn't matter what night you dine out, as it's busy everywhere.  It's as if not a soul in Tucson cooks.

In addition to the wait, it was insanely noisy. I'd forgotten how bad it was.  And with three people in the group over 70, I can't imagine it was pleasant for them.  I'm 20 years younger and I couldn't hear a thing.  The screaming child at the table on the other side of the wall didn't help.  Why do they allow people with children to dine out??

All in all though, it was a nice night.  We did manage to have some conversation and hear some childhood stories about Ed.  He was as cute a kid as he is an adult.  Who knew?

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