Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Who's That Behind Those Foster Grants?

In November 2013, I had my first real eye test, at 46 years old.  I was told I needed glasses.  I haven't purchased real glasses yet, but yesterday I bought these Foster Grants at Target, in a style aptly named Daydreamer (but in this color, with a free case, for only $10.99).  My first pair of readers.  

I tested them by the fact that I was finally able to see my cuticles.  Oh, and by reading the small print on the back of the tag.  I could see both clearly.

They're only temporary, and I like the way the rectangular shape looks on my pear head.

PS:  It's me behind those Foster Grants.  

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1 comment:

Gil said...

You sure do those Foster Grants good!!!!