Sunday, February 09, 2014

Chocolate And Gnocchi - The Best Of Any World

Flipboard has done it again - provided me with a bunch of links I love.  And now I share them with you:

It may take a long time for you to find them, but your doppelgänger  is out there somewhere.

I love chocolate, but I've really never considered it for breakfast.  I'm not even a chocolate chip pancake fan, but I might change my mind for 
chocolate waffles.  

My absolute favorite type of pasta in the world is gnocchi.  I prefer the potato ones, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a plate of these.

Hellman's - known as Best Foods out West -  is my ONLY choice for mayonnaise, but I'm not sure about some of these recipes.  Peanut butter and mayo?  No thanks!

If I'm going to travel in style, I should be staying in a castle, right?  Here's a list of nine I can choose from.

Chocolate is always on the menu for Valentine's Day, and a few of these could convince anyone to be your sweetheart.  

"Sometimes it is not convenient to raise kidsIf you have them at the store, and they are screaming and you have to tell them to stop twice… what do you do? In our case, we would stop shoppingDrive all the kids homePut the child in the corner or whatever the punishment for that child was even if it took an hour or so."  Parents, are you listening? That's what this guy did.  I do hope some of you try it.

I've seen stuff like this before.  And I still don't believe it.  How can it be??

Which two sides of your face would make the best photo?

The hidden eco-system of the Walmart parking lot.  "The chain has a policy, at most stores, to let travelers spend the night for free in their vehicles."  Yeah, unless you're in a big rig - we're often chased off their lots.  Even if we're there to shop.

Totally inspiring creative apps.  I just became a user!

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Gil said...

Gotta have 'gravy' on them!