Friday, February 28, 2014

I Like Big Boteros And I Cannot Lie

A Botero sculpture at the Gary Nader Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Florida.
As soon as I saw the sculptures out front, I shouted "A Botero!"

Ed said, "A what?"

"A Botero.  The sculptor who did that piece - his name is Botero."

It's probably the only sculpture I can look at and identify the artist.  The other is Jeffrey Koons, but I don't like his stuff, I was much happier seeing a Botero.

Fernando Botero has been called "one of the most successful artists alive" - successful painting and sculpting fat people.  Maybe that's why I like him.

When asked why he paints fat people he said, "I fatten my characters to give them sensuality. I’m not interested in fat people for the sake of fat people."  That's okay with me.  He still puts fat people - really round, really fat, really plush people - on display for the whole world to see.  And the world loves it.

You can read a little more about the artist and see more of his work in this blog post I found, written by a 14-year-old who travels the world with his mom.  Pretty cool stuff.

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Belledog said...

Salena: you've got a second career writing headlines for NY tabloids, once you hang up your CDL.


I like Botero a lot too. Have seen a lot of his paintings, and his style is memorable. He's playful, but serious topics.

And double ick to Jeff Koons. I fear that some of his stuff might grow on us, though. Don't remember what, but I saw something by him recently and it wasn't gagworthy, and that was oddly troubling ...