Friday, February 21, 2014

Puttin' On The Fritz

Last night we stayed at The Fritz Hotel in Miami's South Beach.  Our room was on the top floor overlooking the ocean.  The four windows on the top left, and the sliding door next to it that opens on to the little balcony belonged to our room.
Driving up and down Ocean Drive, all the hotels pretty much have the same look - colorful Art Deco designs with a restaurant, bar or cafe in front.  We sat at one of those cafes looking at hotels on the iPad, trying to decide where to stay.  All the pictures looked great, but it was late and we were undecided so we headed back to the car.

When we got to the car, we realized it was parked right in front of this hotel.  Ed went in to see if they had any availability while I stayed in the car and tortured myself by reading online reviews.  Turns out, some of the reviews were right.  The suites were huge - like a large apartment with a spacious living room, roomy kitchen, huge bedroom and walk-in closet, big bathroom, and a balcony facing the beach - but they were showing their age.

It was kind of cool to stay right in South Beach at a hotel on the famous Ocean Drive, but it wasn't really the best hotel I've ever been in and I wouldn't stay here again.  I think it would suit young people who don't care where they are staying, who just want to be near the beach and the beer, and who often have several people in one room anyway.  It just wasn't up to our standards.  

Being on the top floor and having a little balcony, which faced directly east, did afford use a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean over the tops of the palm trees.  It was a nice vista to wake up to.  Ed took his coffee on the balcony.  
This view is also from the balcony, looking north up Ocean Drive.  The construction site ruins this view a little bit, but I chose to overlook it.  And you probably would have too if I didn't just point it out.  
I do have to say, South Beach is pretty with all the colorful buildings and store fronts, palm trees and luxury cars.  And I didn't see Justin Bieber or any of the Kardashians.

I consider myself lucky.

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