Tuesday, February 04, 2014

What Else Is There To Do When It's One Degree Outside?

It was one degree when we ventured out for the day.  First the post office, then Target, then laundry if we had time.

I'm actually enjoying the cold up here in South Dakota.  I was telling Ed that this is what I was used to my entire life, a nice change of weather.  In Tucson, the weather is always the same - hot and sunny, really hot and sunny, and in the winter, less hot and sunny.  Although this year when we were home, it was pretty damn cold.  But still, if you were to look out the window, it looked like every other day of the year.

I love the change of season.  I love having an end to the blistering heat.  I love fall and I love snow.  I'm rarely in snow anymore as it seems that we never ever get anywhere when the snow is actually on the ground, but I'm hoping we'll see a few more snow covered places before spring.

It's actually refreshing to be outside in the cold.  Invigorating.  The weather here is supposed to dip below zero the next couple of days, and there may be more snow.

Maybe we'll have to buy those sleds Ed was eyeballing today.

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Mick said...

Am I right in thinking that's 1 degree Farenheit? To folks in the UK who might be reading this-thats minus 17 degrees Celsius, and I'll stay right where I am thank you. We tend to quote Celsius when it's cold and Farenheit when its hot!

The Daily Rant said...

MICK: Yes, you're right. It is Fahrenheit. We always quote weather that way - if others are doing it differently, I'm not aware of it. And it's actually gotten colder....it's now -4F. With windchill, it feels like -18F. That's from my weather app, because I haven't been outside yet. :)

Gil said...

I can't remember the last time it was warm here in New England. When it comes to temperatures 0°F & 0°C are the same temperature! That's about all I remember from science class.