Saturday, October 01, 2016

Two-Wheeling In The Desert

Today Ed tackled the Catalina State Park trail that we've hiked twice in the past - once four years ago, and once last month.  Here's a picture of Ed and I from that last hike. 

This time, he did it alone and on his bike.  The trip from our place and back was a total of eight miles. The trail is mostly sandy with some packed dirt edges, so it's a little hard to ride on the bike.  And when you get to the top (where Ed took this selfie) there are steps made from railroad ties.  Ed did the trail in reverse, so rather than going down those stairs, he had to go up - and had to carry his bike!

He returned excited about his ride and carrying his bent bike seat in his hand - apparently, he came down a little hard on one of the bumpy areas.

Once he gets a new seat, he'll be off on his next adventure!  I'll join him (not on the state park run, that's just crazy!) once the weather gets cooler.

I'm guessing that won't happen until December.

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