Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Couple In Selfies

Most places we go, I'm the one taking the pictures.  Which means a lot of photos of Ed and not so many of me.  Every once in a while I remember to ask Ed to take a selfie of us - his arm is longer and can hold the camera out further than I can.

Top:  Freemason Harbor in Norfolk, VA / The sleeper of our truck / Biking in Secaucus, NJ
Middle:  Pittsburgh, PA river cruise / Amusement Park in Cedar Point, OH / Florida T/A truck stop
Bottom:  The sleeper of our truck / White Sands National Monument in NM / Mall in Tucson, AZ

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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Belledog said...

Photogenic x 2.

Unknown said...

My Lawd --- ya'll are a good looking couple !! I just loved the selfies ! And, may I just say, I have some serious eyebrow envy!! Perfection !

The Daily Rant said...


LINDA LOU: Thank you! Much appreciated! I'm even happier with the eyebrow comment since I'm brow-obsessed! I try to have as many good brow days as I can. LOL