Friday, October 07, 2016

Magic Shoes

Today is my friend Kim's birthday and we are taking her out to dinner to celebrate.  Since I actually worked this week, I wasn't able to shop.  But I only had one errand to take care of, which left me most of the day to shop for a gift.  I headed straight to Nordstrom Rack.

Success!  I found her a great pair of pants and several cute tops.  And then...I bought a pair of earrings and two pairs of shoes for myself, and a pair of shoes for my mom.  Sadly, they're not the shoes in the photo - I don't really have anywhere to wear a shoe like that right now - although I thought they were amazing.  They actually made my feet and legs look skinny.  They're clearly magical shoes.

I think I need them.  To walk around the house in.  Well, mostly to practice walking aroud the house, since I haven't worn heels for years now.  I'll probably pull a muscle or twist an ankle.  Damn this trucking job that has made me flat shoe dependent!

Since Ed was waiting in the car, I had to be quick.  I couldn't linger and walk around in all the heels.

So I'm going back tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good shopping trip.

BECKY said...

I love those shoes, too, even though I'm too old to wear them...but they're gorgeous AND magical! Great combination. Also, I loved the cartoon about the rotary phone. I feel the same as you! In fact, just yesterday, I was thinking I really should get a landline again, but not the "modern" kind, but the old kind with a cord! I'm not even gonna think about it until the elections are over, though....I'd probably get a zillion political calls a day! :)
I always enjoy your blog, although I don't stop by very often...but that's how I am with all the blogs I read....too much to read, too little time... :)