Friday, April 28, 2017


I've become a bird watcher.

From the living room of our house, we have a great view of passing wildlife - white-winged doves, cardinals, cactus wrens, quail, ground squirrels, coyotes, bobcats, etc.

I have several bird feeders, including a hummingbird feeder, right in my line of sight.  I watch the bigger doves swing on the feeders which make seeds spill to the ground.  The birds on the ground love that trick.  Right now I have a little family of quail that visit daily.  You can see them eating in the photo above and I got a snap of them leaving below.

They're quick, and they must have excellent hearing and senses because as soon as I even move closer to the window, they scatter.  This morning I counted nine babies.  Very tiny, maybe two inches tall.

They're costing me a fortune in feed, but for now, I'll keep buying it because I really enjoy the activity in the yard. 

I hope they appreciate the never ending buffet.

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Elephant Cactus

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