Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Swiss Precision In The Kitchen

This is going to seem like a ridiculous post, but since I've been eating a lot of vegetables, I've been using my vegetable peeler quite a bit and well, I just have to share.

This is the same style vegetable peeler I grew up with (my mother has that one) and although I've bought other peelers over the years - ergonomic handle, comfort grip, colored, whimsical - they have all peeled in comparison (hee hee, see what I did there?) to this one.

The Jonas peeler is made in Sweden, constructed of stainless steel, is super lightweight, can be used by lefties or righties, and has a sharp precision-ground blade.  Since it was introduced in 1953, hundreds of millions of pieces have been sold in over 40 countries.  

I bought mine on Amazon.  Actually, I bought three - two for the house, one for the truck. It's time you got yourself (and family and friends) one of these.  You'll thank me.  Seriously.

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