Monday, March 21, 2016

Squeezed By Guilt

A while back, Ed bought the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker for the truck.  It's like a French press only easier, and he loves it!  He uses it for regular coffee and espresso.  It makes a really good cup of coffee and it's extremely portable - we can take it into a hotel room, or even use it at the house when we're home - and perfect for the truck because it's small enough to tuck just about anywhere.  In a place that's short on space, this is exactly what you need.

When referring to the finished product, Ed and I call it "squeeze", because that's actually how the coffee is squeeeezing the water through the filter to make the coffee.  So when he wants coffee, and he wants it pressed and not brewed, he says "squeeze".  No clarification needed.

Tonight while I was boiling some hot water for tea he said to me in a singsong voice, "I see you're making a beverage."

"Yeah, I'm going to have some tea.  Want some?" I said.

"No," he said.  "But I'll have some squeeze."

Ugh.  I mean, the AeroPress is easy and all, but there's a little process to it.  Get out the coffee, put the filter in the bottom of the AeroPress, set the AeroPress on the mug, measure out a scoop of coffee grinds, dump it in, fill it with water, insert plunger, and press.  Squeeze all of the water out and watch coffee magically appear in your mug.

It's not hard, really, but it does take longer than just throwing a tea bag in a mug and pouring hot water over it, and after I'm done, I have to rinse the pieces.  At night when I want a hot beverage, and maybe a cookie or some Jell-o, I don't want to actually be making anything. I want to boil, pour, and drink.

So I sighed in annoyance and said, "Can't you just have tea?"

Ed replied with a scathing one-liner.

"Pretend I'm Mac Gee."

Snap!  He just tried to guilt me into making him coffee by invoking the name of Marlaina's husband!

It's a running joke around here - whenever MacG and Marlaina are with us, I pull out all the stops.  I make MacG squeeze coffee (my finest blends), I make him pork loin, I make him delicious breakfast sandwiches.  I'll even slip him Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies when Marlaina isn't looking (she doesn't like him to have the extra sugar).

Of course I felt like a shit after balking about making Ed some squeeze.  So I caved.

He got his coffee.

And honestly, it's not hard at all.  Literally takes two minutes.  But don't tell him that.

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dlg said...

You are a good girl! He is lucky to have you. And vice versa....