Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Zombie Apocalypse Could Be In Full Swing And I'd Never Know

Today Ed and I dropped my mother off at her hair appointment and went to lunch.  She texted when she was done with her hair and told us she was heading over to Walmart to pick up a few things she needed, so we finished up lunch and headed back to get her.  I was going to text her when I realized my phone was dead so I asked Ed to do it.

I was pulling into the parking lot to pick her up just as Ed sent his text.  When we pulled up, she was standing outside waiting.

As she got in the car I said, "Sorry for not getting back to you, Mom.  My phone died."

"Michonne died???" She sounded frantic.

"Who's Michonne??" Ed and I said in confused unison.

"From The Walking Dead." my mother said.

I don't watch The Walking Dead.  You couldn't pay me enough to watch The Walking Dead. I have no idea who Michonne is, nor do I care.

"No, mom.  I said my phone died, not Michonne died. And why would I tell you about someone on The Walking Dead dying?  You know I don't watch that show."

"I thought maybe you heard it on the news or something." she said.

Ed and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

"Mom.  Even if I did hear it on the news, I wouldn't know who they were talking about, and it's unlikely I'd tell you about a character on a show I don't even watch, dying."

With hope in her voice, she said, "Well, you might have."

Nope.  Never.  Isn't that show about zombies, anyway?  And aren't zombies already dead? I totally don't get it.

And I seriously don't understand America's obsession with this show.  

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