Sunday, March 20, 2016


My ribs are killing me from coughing.

My throat is raw.

I have no voice.

I communicate in a whisper.

So today in the truck, I made a big pot of chicken soup.  Chunky carrots, slices of celery, onion, garlic, the works.  Spooned over al dente orzo and served with a slice of crusty Tuscan Boule slathered with butter.  The soup was made from scratch, the bread store bought.

And the weather was cooperating.  Despite being the first day of Spring, it was cold and rainy here in North Carolina, a perfect day for steaming hot chicken soup.

Everything was delicious, but I certainly hope it has the healing power people claim it does, because I can't take too much more of this coughing crap.

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squidgybo said...

That looks delicious-I hope you get well soon. You are probably just missing winter already!

Ali and Mick

Belledog said...

North Carolina, hmmm? Enjoy the chicken soup therapy and be better soon. Sorry to hear you are ailing. Cheers.

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