Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Populace Of Winter

La Placita Village in downtown Tucson
Iowa, Alaska, Wisconsin, Indiana.  These are some of the license plates I see around town.

Snowbirds.  Everywhere.

Blue hair, electric wheelchairs, early morning traffic.  Where are they going so early in the morning??

You're either stuck behind one in traffic because they drive so incredibly slow - what Ed would call "the safest driver in Tucson" - or you're trying to get out of their way because they're veering into your lane.  Just yesterday in the Kohl's parking lot, Ed was trying to get the attention of some old guy who was driving next to us with a coffee cup on his roof.  We couldn't catch him.

They're not the only hazards on the road, though.

This type of year also brings college students.  They drive way too fast, with screaming loud music and hoards of kids spilling out of open top jeeps.  Sometimes they also veer into your lane.

Driving around Tucson I realize I am the in-between.

I am not young, like the college students.

I am not old, like the snowbirds.

I'm right in the middle.

Where annoyed lives.

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