Monday, March 27, 2017

You're Welcome

That photo right there is the dedication page in a new novel by Linda Sands.  

Ed and I met Linda in 2010 when she started doing research for a book with a trucker theme.  She wanted to meet real truckers, in their natural habitat, to talk to them about what they do.  She had a photographer in tow who took pictures and everything she gathered was going to be somehow used in a future writing project.

Enter "Grand Theft Auto", Linda's latest release.

I recently received a package with two books, a trucker hat and a really cool t-shirt that says "Truck Yeah!" on the front and has the book and author's name on the back.  Sadly, I won't be wearing the shirt because it's only an extra large, but bless her heart for sending it thinking maybe it would fit one of us.  The shirt will fit Ed, but once washed, that'll be the last time he sees it.

The blurb on the back of the book says:
Tenacious trucker Jojo Boudreaux and her co-driver beau Tyler Boone spend their days and nights delivering cargo coast to coast.  Old Blue, their custom Peterbilt tractor-trailer makes the perfect home for a man who never had one and a Louisiana tomboy who thinks an oven is for storing guns.  But life on the road isn't all sing-a-longs and sunsets.
When Jojo and Boone are called in to deliver an abandoned load of high-profile pharmaceuticals to a secure warehouse, they delay their vacation for the quick, easy job with the big paycheck, forgetting that nothing quick and easy ever comes with a big paycheck.
Grand Theft Cargo is a wild ride from start to finish with a secretive highwayman, explsive house bombs, singing telegrams, flaming mice, secret cancer drugs, dead truckers, an agency that can't be named, and enough crashes and car chases to remind you these road cowboys have no qualms crossing the zipper to walk the dog in the hammer lane.
When Linda was writing the book, I had the privilege to read some early pages and give my input on how she was writing the story of a couple traveling together in a big rig. What sounded realistic, what wasn't working. She was very open to any comments and suggestions.  She consulted other drivers also but I'm honored to not only have a mention on the dedication page but to also have the transportation company Jojo and Tyler drive for named after me - DeSalena Transport: 
I just received the copy of the book so haven't had a chance to read the finished product yet, but I'm so looking forward to it.

If you'd like to own a copy, you can get one on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.  It comes in paperback or as an e-book download.

And remember what Linda said:  If you bought it, they brought it.

Thank a truck driver today.

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That is SO cool!

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DeSalena Transport. Woo hoo.