Saturday, October 20, 2018

Flying While Supine

I know I've already posted a photo from Istanbul, but I didn't get to brag about the flight yet.  We took off from Los Angeles on Turkish Airlines Flight TK10, heading to Budpest, Hungary with a 20-hour layover in Istanbul.  In Business Class.

This was our first time flying Business Class and I can tell you right now that it's ruined me for any kind of air travel in the future.  Unless it's First Class.  It makes a 14-hour flight much more bearable.  I don't think I can fly economy ever again, although I know I probably will.

Our friends Marlaina and MacG have taken several Business Class and First Class flights on their yearly trips to Asia.  They are familiar with which airlines are better than others, they know which Business and First Class lounges are the best, and MacG is a pro at scouring the flights to get the best times and fares.

Flying in Business Class is an experience.  If you've done it before, then you probably think it's no big deal.  But for a first timer, it's an eye-opener.  Sure, it costs thousands more than an economy ticket, but it does come with some perks.

The first thing they wanted to show off was the Star Alliance Lounge at the Los Angeles International Airport. Holy Mother of....I don't even know what.  It was the most amazing place-to-sit-and-wait-for-a-plane I've ever seen!  Beautiful decor, newspapers from around the world, TVs, comfy seating, quiet, and the most amazing array of food and beverages I've ever been offered in an airport in my life.  At no cost - it's part of flying in the business class section.  We ate and drank and ate and ate and ate.

And then we got on the plane and ate again.  Seriously.  I've never eaten so much food in an airport, or been served so much food on an airplane in my life.  I was actually groaning at the amount of food.  And this chick likes to eat!

This review - with photos! - is excellent.  The author shows everything we got on our flight and really gives you an idea of what was available (our goodie bags were Christian Lacroix, not Bentley, but the contents were the same) in this class of travel.

Can I just say....

The seats turn into beds, people!  Beds.  

OK, so it's not like my bed at home, but it's at least 5 feet of leg room that the people in economy could only dream to have.  

I'm ruined for life.

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