Monday, October 01, 2018

We Prefer The Slow Grind

This is what we had to look at for 600 miles.

Atlas was the lead truck in our museum move.  There were six trucks total and we were number two.  I've mentioned in the past that I don't like riding with other trucks.  In convoys or in an escort situation, because you always have to compromise.  And although I'm absolutely okay with compromise in regular everyday stuff, I don't like to negotiate the driving plan. 

Ed and I drive slow.  Every other driver we've met, with the exception of our friend Marlaina and MacG, like to do the speed limit.  In most cases, the "speed limit" is 65, 75, 80.  Whatever it is, they do it.  We do 58.  So trying to compromise with five other trucks, a total of ten drivers, is never going to favor us.  

For the first half of the trip, during my drive time, the guy driving actually was doing about 58-60 miles per hour.  Perfect speed.  When we switched out, his female counterpart cranked it up to 68-70.  Thankfully I was at the end of my shift and handed the reigns over to Ed.  Even though he prefers driving slow, too, he's much better at keeping up than I am. 

It was a short trip and we made good time.  There were only a few stops for mandatory load checks, bathroom breaks, and coffee.  

And we went back to our slow grind the next day.

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