Friday, October 12, 2018

My Feet Are Getting Itchy, Too

The drawing above is from artist Malachi Ray Rempen, of Itchy Feet, The Travel and Language Comic.

I've been through his site and have found quite a few amusing comics.  Take a look!  

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2017:  Of Course
2016:  This Butt Is No Joke
2015:  A Day Of Amusement On The Lake
2014:  法拉盛華埠
2013:  The Pumpkin Master
2012:  Prime Viewing
2011:  Still Flowering
2010:  Wishing I Could Trade My Feet For Wheels
2009:  And The Winner Is…
2008:  Palm In The Dirty South
2007:  Ed Makes Out With Fair Fluff Friday
2006:  Blue Light Special
2005:  Blue Collar


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, exactly, that's it!
Including the "startling bells" part they talk about in his website. Here in Luxembourg I can hear them at 7:00 am!

Have a nice trip and enjoy. By the way, I allow myself to advise you a couple of sites in Paris (which I was advised by local "parisiens"):

- "Le Bouillon Chartier", a "local patrons" place. The food is nothing special, but the place is... well, "special", like in any moment Victor Hugo would sit in the table next to you. It is worth the visit ( No reserve in advance, you must arrive and wait in the line, but it's fast, no long waiting.

- "Le Crystal", une autre brasserie "locale", very good quality and a nice place to be (

- The rooftop bar at the Galleries Lafayette, a place to have a drink (or not, it's free entrance) with incredible views of Paris' rooftops. I suggest you to go in the evening, simply amazing.



Anonymous said...

"une autre"... I meant "another", of course. Argh, I don't know when I'm writing in English or French.


The Daily Rant said...

Thank you SO much for these great recommendations! We will definitely research them. And if we make it to any of them, I’ll blog about it! Merci beaucoup!

The Daily Rant said...

PABLO: We went to the Galleries Lafayette tonight. Great recommendation! The weather was great, the sky was clear, and the view was beautiful!! And the store itself...just wow. Decorated for Christmas, and the center dome area is gorgeous! Thanks again! Oh, and last night we ate at Le Dôme Café - Michelin Star (one star ⭐️) rated. Very good. Nice place. Looking forward to trying other places. So many choices!! 🤗🇫🇷