Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Real Home Shopping Network

Shoe shopping for me is a nightmare.  I've mentioned my giant feet in the past - size 12 - which makes walking into a store and picking a pair off the rack next to impossible.  And when I'm looking for something specific, like heels for my wedding, red ballet flats, or comfortable walking shoes, it's even more difficult.

So I turned to Zappos, my favorite shoe store.  Not only do they have my size, but they offer free delivery and free returns - up to 365 days after you receive your order.  That's amazing.

So I ordered thirteen pairs of shoes from Zappos and one pair from Nordstrom.  I've narrowed what I like down to eight pairs.

These didn't make the cut:  


VIONIC Cameo - I was really hoping these would have worked out, as they look like the European sneakers I saw people wearing in Italy in 2010, but they were too tight.

These are the eight I like, which I will narrow down to two or three:

Munro Traveler - I have two pairs of Munro shoes and I love them.  These are nice and sleek, with a stretchy piece over the top of the foot.  I need to walk around in them a little more.

Propet TravelActive SlipOn  -  I'm not in love with the white sole on these.

SAS Bliss - these are great for a dressier look with pants and are super cushy.

Naturalizer Sela - these have the white bottom, too, but they somehow look cooler.  

SKECHERS Performance Serene - a ballet flat with a few extra straps to keep 'em on the foot.

Propet Wash N Wear Slip-On Knit - these look a little weird, like socks, but they're not so ugly in person.  And on the foot with a black straight-leg or yoga pant, they look pretty cool and they're super comfortable.

Easy Spirit Twist - I really like these, and they look good with most of the pants I'm going to be wearing on my trip.

And this pair of shoe booties is most likely a definite: 

Munro Ana Bootie - these slip on and off easily, they're surprisingly comfortable, they look good with pants, leggings, and I'm going to try them with a skirt and tights.  I think it'll work.

I had to spend over $1,600.00 to get shoes delivered to my house in order to find something suitable to wear.  There's no way, even with all the traveling around the country we do, that I could have had this kind of success.  A few clicks of the mouse and I was able to try all of these on in the comfort of my own home.  I'll send back everything I don't want.  What can be easier than that?

As I lay out my outfits for my trip I realize that everything I own is black.  Seriously not one speck of color.  Oh, wait, I do have a red drapey sweater that's going to break it up a bit, and a classic black-and-white striped shirt to wear in France, paying homage to Coco Chanel.

I have always been drawn to black, even if there's a color option of the same exact item.  Ever since I was young I liked the color in clothing.  Growing up in New York, black was always in style, still is.  And  I hear Europe is very similar, so I guess I'm good.

But there's still time to shop online for some accessories to give a little oomph to all the black.  And if my success rate is as good as the shoe shopping I just did, I'll be set by the end of the week.

I love shopping from home.

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Belledog said...

I meant to be in touch with you earlier about shoes.

I totally recommend Crocs Kadee, a darling little flat shoe. I wear them constantly, and have climbed around very steep hillsides; walked all day ... and they are very cute. And you can score a pair for $30 or less.

I did 3 months in Europe recently with just black crocs and my Ugg boots (heavenly!). (And some little slipper socks for being at home.) Will get you through anything. And you can just wash them off. Do not need socks.

They actually run a little large; I am good with size 7 although -- caution: every few pairs, I get a 7 that is not large enough. So you will want to return them or run by a Crocs store.

Mom's hospice nurse wore Crocs. They are cute, comfortable, stylish, washable.

They are very sturdy and great traction -- again, the climbing steep hillsides. I prefer them to sneaks, actually. But once they are way too worn, they're done for outside wear. Because then they can become slippery on wet pavement.

Summer 2017, I spent mostly in Barcelona. Walking up to 10 miles a day. Comfortably and stylishly, in the Crocs.

This advertisement brought you by Belledog. But I'm serious -- I love the things!

Belledog said...

Also, great support. They're very comfy and treat your feet right. Support is muy importante to me.

Have to say: your lineup is more elegant than the humble Crocs. But they work!