Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fried Dough Is Delicious In Any Language

The day of our market tour, we took the bus to the stop where we were instructed to wait for Manuela.  While waiting, since it was breakfast time, we had to have something to eat.  We found a bakery, where we ordered a pastry and coffee, but that just didn't do it. Next door to the bakery was this food stand.  We ventured over to investigate.

It was a stand that sold palacscintas (pancakes) and lángos (no translation).  I had read about lángos and it was top on my list of things to eat while in Budapest.  Lángos is a Hungarian specialty - deep fried dough.  How can you go wrong with deep fried dough??

According to the Wikipedia information, lángos are made with water or milk, flour, yeast, sugar, and salt.  They were traditionally baked in the front of a brick oven, close to the flames.  Its name come from láng, the Hungarian word for flame.  Since people no longer have brick ovens and do not bake bread at home, they are virtually always fried in oil.

You can order them plain with no toppings (sima lángos), but most are served with cheese (sajt) and sour cream (tejfölös).  We knew we wanted to try it the way it was traditionally eaten, but decided to copy the Hungarian guy in front of us on line who ordered his with onions (hagymás) and ham (sonká).
Ed and I split one, but a person can easily eat one by themselves as almost everyone - including the little old ladies - was doing.  The cost for the one we ordered was 650 Forints (Hungarian currency - HUF), which came to $2.31.  The plain ones were 300 forints ($1.06 USD).  I can easily eat one of these every day.

Looks like it wouldn't take much convincing to get Ed on board with that plan.

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