Sunday, June 30, 2024

New Kids On The Block

I came home from running errands the other day and was greeted with these two neon people holding red flags warning that children were at play.  One says "SLOW" and the other, "SLOW DOWN KAREN!"

I've lived in this neighborhood for forty years.  Same house, same cul-de-sac, and almost the entire time, the same neighbors.

Well, now we have new neighbors.  A nice couple with two girls and a boy, ages ten, nine, and six. They often play in the cul-de-sac, their parents sitting in lawn chairs watching them.  Ed has been out there several times talking to the guys - the new neighbor and our other friend, John, who lives one house over.  I've spoken to the wife a few times and have mentally given her my stamp of approval.  Both the husband and wife are high-energy, friendly, funny, open, and super nice.  And the kids are respectful, polite, fun, and social.

The other day we were sitting in the living room basking in the air-conditioning when our doorbell rang.  Ed got up to see who it was and he found four kids waiting for him to open the sliding door.  It was the three neighbor kids and John's grandson, who was visiting for the day.  They wanted Ed to come out and play.  Hysterical.  

The entire time I've lived in this cul-de-sac, I've never seen a kid.  I did babysit the girl next door when I was sixteen, but I  never saw her playing outside.  And John's two kids (both of them are twenty-plus years younger than me) must have grown up in the house and the backyard because I never saw them either.  I pay attention.  I'm observant.  But in forty years?  No kids.

Now, we have warning signs and bikes and jump ropes and running.  A lot of running.  

And finally, we'll have someone who will appreciate our Christmas lights and all the yard accoutrements Ed bought to go along with them.

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