Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Find Your Spot

Find Your Spot is one of my favorite websites. You take their quiz, they tell you the best places for you to live.

From their website, "Find Your Spot is the best way to discover your perfect hometown... just tell us your ideal and we’ll find the best candidates for you. We don’t have the bias of your Aunt LuLu, we don’t have mounds of useless data for you to sort through, and we don’t have the gall of "best places" lists that tell you what your priorities are. What we do have is the most accurate automated recommendation system and the most pertinent information on the places we recommend. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it works."

Find Your Spot has compiled this list as my Top 25 Place to live:

1. Duluth, Minnesota
2. Altoona, Pennsylvania
3. Erie, Pennsylvania
4. Mansfield, Ohio
5. Syracuse, New York
6. Anchorage, Alaska
7. Lansing, Michigan
8. Rochester, New York
9. Buffalo, New York
10. St. Cloud, Minnesota
11. Grand Rapids, Michigan
12. Rochester, Minnesota
13. Nashua, New Hampshire
14. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
15. Portland, Maine
16. Manchester, New Hampshire
17. Fort Wayne, Indiana
18. Battle Creek, Michigan
19. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
20. Fargo, North Dakota
21. Moorehead, Minnesota
22. Bismarck, North Dakota
23. Spokane, Washington
24. Elkhart-Goshen, Indiana
25. Terre Haute, Indiana

I have been to all of these towns and I have to say, Find Your Spot is pretty accurate. I can see myself living in any one of these places. Goshen, Indiana is GORGEOUS and Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Maine are all good choices. And of course, New York, my birthplace! This test hits the nail right on the head, showing me what I want and where I can get it.

Take your own test at Find Your Spot and see where you can wind up!

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CozyMama said...

I lived 20 mins from Goshen until this past January.