Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Marriage Criteria

I was talking to Mina last night (yes, I photoshopped her face into this picture) about my nephew and how I would love for her to marry him someday. Next month, she will be five and he will be seven, which is a perfect age gap, dontcha think? I showed her all the pictures I have of him, stored on my laptop. She looked at them all with intense interest, asking questions about each one.

I told her it would be SO great if they got married. Then we could all be together, ALL the time. She said, "okay" with a shrug of her shoulders, as if the deal was done. As we clicked through the pictures, we talked.

Me: Isn't he handsome?

Mina: Yes, he is. Is he smart?

Me: Oh yeah. He knows lots of things.

Mina: Like what things??

Me: Well, he can read stories and he rides a mini-bike and he is good at video games and he can color and he's a good swimmer.

Mina: Is he funny?

Me: Sure. He tells jokes and he likes funny movies!

Mina: Is he a good finder?

Me: A what?

Mina: A good finder.

Me: What do you mean, a good finder?

Mina: You know, when you play hide and seek? Does he find people first?

Me: Ohhhhh. Yeah. He's a GREAT finder.

Mina: OK.

Well, that was easy. Apparently, the only criterion for marriage to an almost five year old is that he be handsome, smart, funny and a good finder.

Gee....that's kinda what I look for in a man too. I guess it sometimes takes a five year old to make you realize that simplicity really is the best way to go.


Mise en Place said...

That's my girl. Whoever finds her later in life, will most certainly be classified as a "good finder."

Benjamin said...

This is probably the sweetest thing I've read in some while. Thanks for sharing.

alwswrite said...

A-men. When did it become so complicated? "I'd rather be alone for the right reasons..." has always been my mantra, but I'm beginning to wonder whether my reasons are really right.