Sunday, June 10, 2012

Country Comes To The Windy City

Yesterday we spent the day walking around the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview. We were there to pick up a load, which we were told when we accepted it, was loading at Wrigley Field. Interesting, we thought. All the agent told us was that we were loading steel panels. Steel panels? For what?

When we got to teeny tiny empty parking lot two blocks from the stadium and saw a small fleet of trucks with Brad Paisley's name on the side of them, we figured out pretty quick that we were moving equipment for the concert.

Turns out
Brad Paisley was bringing his Virtual Reality tour to Chicago. Joining him were Miranda Lambert, Chris Young, The Band Perry and Jerrod Niemann.

We didn't attend the concert - although we spent about ten minutes talking to an old man hawking tickets, deciding against buying them - but we did spend the day walking around the neighborhood, enjoying a beer here and a photo op there, and at the Starbucks we had a late afternoon latte at, we sat outside on the patio and were not only able to take in the parade of people heading to the stadium, but we were able to hear the music as if were at the concert.

There were lots of cowboy hats, boots, Daisy Dukes and girls in cute little sundresses. Ed was thoroughly enjoying the cute girls in their summer garb. I don't think I've ever seen him so engaged in watching people!

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Anonymous said...

A pitcher from my town plays for the Cubs Ryan Dempster

The Daily Rant said...

ANON: Very cool! We've been through Chicago many times, but have never had the opportunity to be IN the parking for us! But because we were picking up a load, they had an area set aside for us. I'm not a baseball fan, but if there were a game, I would have gone just for the experience! There's always next time...

scott said...

your job is so much cooler than mine

ELH said...

Hey, how cool is that?? My daughter and friends were at the show and loved it..we live a little over hour away out in the boones..if you get back to this area you gotta try Portillos, awesome beefs,etc..and nice atmosphere..
Are you guys hauling for Brads whole tour?? Or just this one time..enjoy your wknd..

The Daily Rant said...

ELH: How cool that your daughter was RIGHT THERE and we didn't even know it. Small world, huh? Do you guys go to Chicago often? I read about Portillo's on Plum's blog...gotta try it some day. No, we are not hauling for Brad's tour. In fact, this is just the stage equipment (it looks like stage flooring) that we picked up. The company we're taking it to does stage and lighting, etc. And ours BOL's say "Roger Waters Chicago" on them. We were told that Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was there Friday night. Guess they used the same stage setup. Makes sense!

ELH said...

Ok, now this is getting really weird...both my boys were at the waters in a way you guys helped to ensure all three of my kids, actually young adults,28,26,23 saw great shows..
On the portillos thing..they have 35 stores in the great er chgo area.and are slowly expanding to calif, and other areas..I don't get to the city much,my daughter works there,and the youngest who just graduated college last month,is planning to move and work one of those young,hip,happening areas...and very expensive..but why not,young and no big responsibilities yet..I tell them all have lots of fun before babies,houses and all of lifes other twists and turns...take care out there..