Friday, June 29, 2012

I'll Have To Pry It From Her Dead, Cold Fingers

I wasn't home 24 hours before my mother needed an iPhone tutorial. According to her, the icons on her phone had "moved".

I said, "Mom, the icons don't just move on their own. Were the kids playing with your phone?"

"Noooo." she said. Of course I didn't believe her.

My nephews greet her these days with a kiss and a, "Hi-Nana-can-I-see-your-iPhone-and-can-I-download-the-new-Plants-Vs-Zombies-game?" My mother has so many kids games on her phone, you'd think she was a teenage boy. I don't know why my nephews don't just all have their own phones by now.
These iPhone 4 deals that are being offered nowadays are so competitive, my brother can buy all three kids their own phone and not have to worry about them whining that they want mp3 players or handheld video games. - with the iPhone, they're already there! And, when they leave the house, my brother will be able to track them with GPS.

I'm not sure what the right age is for a kid to get their own cell phones, but it seems like a lot of kids today have them. On one hand, I can see where they might be necessary; on the other hand, I often wonder who eight-year-olds are talking to? Sometimes, I even wonder who seventy-year olds are talking to.

Which brings me back to my mother. With the frequent tutorials, and the hours and hours of "phone support" I give her, I have to say she's coming along quite nicely. She's essentially got the basics down, she's a mad texter (although she sometimes sends texts to the wrong recipient - which can really be disastrous), and she's even had reason to use the translate app. What she was translating, I have no idea.

I insisted on buying her the iPhone when I realized that Verizon was going to discontinue the unlimited data plans. I knew it would take some getting used to, but my reasoning was that she'd eventually be going to a smart phone anyway (at some point, we'll have no choice) so why not get her in on the unlimited deal? I knew it was going to be ten trillion times harder than the VCR, which she's still trying to figure out how to work, but I was bound and determined to get her into this century. She balked extensively.

Since then, she's gone from not knowing how to use the touch screen to make a phone call, to uttering the words "I love this thing. I can see why people can't live without them."

Mission accomplished.

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