Saturday, June 09, 2012

Clear As The Blue Of The Indiana Sky

We stopped in Shipshewana this week to finally have the antenna for our TV installed. We have in-motion satellite, which is what we watch most of the time, but if we're in an area where we can't get a signal for some reason, or there are clouds blocking the sky, we use the local channels. But for that, we need an antenna.

We're not really sure what happened to the old one. One day Ed looked up on the roof of the sleeper and it was gone. We didn't hit anything, but perhaps something hit it. Maybe a bird? Maybe it blew off in a storm? Who knows. But now it's back and the television, via antenna only, is crystal clear. And the local channels often broadcast in HD, which makes it insanely clear, almost three-dimensional.

And as usual, I enjoyed the visit to Shipshewana and our drive through the beautiful countryside, dotted with cows, barns, silos and the Amish.

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