Monday, June 18, 2012



ELH said...

Hi guys,it looks to me of that last pic of your trailer that you have those low profile tires?? Am I correct ? And if so, how do you like them?
Also, I've read that about 30% of all new tractors are being equipped with the newer auto trans..I know you have a 13 dls..would you ever consider a auto trans in the future? Thanks.

Ed said...

No low profiles. Our wheelbase is too long as it is to clear humps in driveways so low pros would not work. Auto Trans is the way to go for fuel mileage and the new ones are very dependable so the answer to that is yes, I would spec a truck with the auto Trans.

ELH said...

Thanks ED, i've also noticed some of the larger fleets are going auto,like you said better mileage and less and Salena have a great wknd..