Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Perils Of Over-The-Road Trucking

I've mentioned in the past how much of a geek Ed is when it comes to gadgets, but I have to say that even I'm enjoying the video cameras on the truck. In addition to capturing the commercial action in truck stops, and drivers who engage in distracting activities while behind the wheel, they also capture some close enounters.

What other drivers don't know, is that we have them on film, which one day might work in our favor. Right now we just use it to re-live what we see on the road. If we're driving along and something interesting (or insane) happens, all we have to do is note the time and then later, check the DVR.

In this short video, you can see how we were not only cut off by an SUV, but how they slowed to a crawl directly in front of us. This happens more than you think. It appeared as if the driver were trying to get off an exit - yes, from the far left lane. Happens all the time. But for some reason, he decided to dramatically slow down in front of us. Did he not see the huge, 80,000 pound vehicle lumbering down the road next to him??

Ed is still working on getting the videos just right, but for the time being it's a little squished horizontally, so bear with us. Also, he's responsible for the captions.

This one was extremely unexpected and caught us by surprise - so far, our one and only close encounter with an aircraft. Ed couldn't wait to check the DVR on this one. You'll have to watch it more than once - it happens fast - but look for the reflection in the hood of the truck. Fah-reeeee-kee!

And you thought all we did was drive around in our cushy truck touring the country. I bet you had no idea how many bullets we dodge on a daily basis!

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Rita said...

Was that in Atlanta Ga?

all things bradbury said...

both videos are amazing! for the dumbass in the suv....lord, yes, we have that happen at least once a day....makes you wonder if that many drivers have a death wish or can't make this month's car for the jet going over you....makes you appreciate those "low flying aircraft" signs, huh???