Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Shoe Guy

Our friends we spent the weekend with took us on a little walking tour of New York City. After dinner, they took us on a post-dessert walk through the East Village, which included a stroll down St. Mark’s Place.

Moments before I took the picture of this tiny little shoe repair shop, a crazy guy came out and made eye contact with Ed, and then began to follow him for about twenty feet. Ed was finishing up his ice cream cone while the guy spoke to the back of his head chanting, "Eat it. Enjoy that. Eat it up. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. " I tell you, Ed is a
freak magnet.

The best part of the store was the sign below that read:

If you are drunk and on drugs
If you have nothing to do
If you have nothing smart to say
If you have no money $$$
Do Not Enter The Store

Rock on, Shoe Guy.

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MAE said...

What a fascinating life you live while you "work". Your blog helps me 'travel' and enjoy things I'd never see. Thanks for being out there. You both are my favorite truckers. Love ya lots.