Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Won't Miss Me Coming On This Bike

Ed and I are still on the hunt for bicycles. We went shopping again two weeks ago and test rode two bikes that we really liked. We were close to buying them, but we still haven't figured out how we want to mount them on the truck. Ed has some ideas, but beacause we can't just go out and buy a conventional car bike rack, he might have to configure it himself.

We'll be heading back home soon and when we do, we'll go to the bike store we visited a few months ago and take another test ride. It feels a little awkward being on the bike, but I think if I do it more, I'll feel more comfortable on it. And it'll be a form of exercise, but I won't have to call it exercise.

And on a bike like this, I'll look so purty doing it!

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june in florida said...

That is so pretty and the safest bike, no one could miss that coming down the road.Even with our bad drivers you could possibly ride that in Florida.Love your Mums haircut.

Belledog said...

Treat yourself to a spiffy helmet too, and wear it. I insist.

Love bike riding; have been doing it for years. A few years back, this dreadful woman opened a car door into me, and the helmet saved me from severe head injury.

I actually had time to think "I'm glad I'm wearing a helmet" as I was soaring over my handlebars for a collision with the pavement.

(Although no time to react to the opened door. Not even an "oh sh*t". Accident happened that fast.)

Gary said...

I will never "Truck" without a bike. A quick zip from the truck for food/coffee/shopping/movies, YES !!No longer "stranded" @ The TA. Know that you will be riding in unknown territories, rear blinking light, and flashing front light are high priorities for me. You will want some gears too. I have used the bike in a few truckstops as well, from the back lot to the truckstop.

Belledog said...

Yes, bright lights, so they can see you coming and going! Be visible. You're both speedy and defenseless on a bike.