Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Need A Support Group

I have been a fan of these Cinnamon Sugar pita chips for a very long time now.  But just over the Christmas holiday, after I purchased some BelGioioso Mascarpone, did I discover what heaven is really going to be like.

I read on the packaging of the mascarpone that you can spread it on bread instead of butter, has 1/2 the calories, and is low in salt.  I figured if you can spread it on bread, why not a cinnamon sugar pita chip?

I should have never taken that step.  Because now I'm going to live permanently in the land of addiction (which I'm okay with if it involves Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips schmeared with Mascarpone) and the land of people with an ass the size of a small bus (which I'm also okay with, as long as I can buy stretchy yoga pants).

The thing is, if you use one tablespoon of mascarpone and one ounce of pita chips, which works out to only five points for you Weight Watchers, it's completely doable.  You'll be just fine.

But I dare you to try it.

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