Friday, December 21, 2012

Money Vs. Meatballs

It's Friday and we don't have a load for the weekend yet.  We've been looking since yesterday, but nothing's popped up that strikes our fancy.  Our criteria for a holiday weekend load, especially one over a holiday like Christmas, is that it has to pay reeeaaallly well in order for us to take it.  Otherwise, why bother working when you can sit around and do Christmasy stuff?

We knew we probably wouldn't make it home for Christmas this year.  We had that class in Florida at the beginning of the month, which meant we didn't do the UPS load that we usually do.  The UPS run originates out of Phoenix, so it gets us home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but since it starts just after Thanksgiving and runs to just before Christmas, our class sort of screwed that up for us since it required us to be in Florida smack in the middle of the run. 

Now we're just looking for regular freight.  We had some pretty good loads before and after the class, and the last load we did was a sweet two day load I found that paid us what we'd usually make in a week.  Ed was really happy about that one.  But now it's getting a little close and if we don't find something by the end of the day, we might be stranded in Massachusetts until Wednesday.

I say stranded, but I don't really mean stranded.  We're less than four hours from where 95% of my family lives, so I'm quite certain I'd be able to get in a few visits and partake in several holiday meals;  I'm already planning in my mind where we'll go first.  Ed has no idea I'm planning this, but if that load board closes down without us booking anything, no worries, I've got an itinerary in place that'll keep up busy from now until the New Year if necessary.

In the meantime, I'm refreshing my computer screen, sitting three feet from Ed who is doing the same thing, waiting for something great to pop up.  Ed's been saying all morning, "Someone's gonna need something.  And they're going to need it fast."

He's right about that.  Whether it's a regular Friday, a holiday weekend, or in this case a few days before the holiday, something almost always comes up.  There always seems to be that 11th Hour emergency.  And when something like that happens, only a spectacular driving team like us can do the job.  OK, any team can do the job, but the point is, it almost always has to be a team, and if you had your choice, wouldn't you want a spectacular team?

So keep your fingers crossed.  A sweet load will be one of the best Christmas presents on Ed's list. 

As for me, I'd be happy with my Aunt Rosemarie's meatballs.

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june in florida said...

Hope you both get your wishes, Happy holidays.