Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Score!

Ed was right.  Wait, did I just say that?  Dammit, I did.  And he was.

Someone needed something.  And they needed it fast.

That's what Ed said yesterday when we were looking for a load, and lo and behold, we found one.

Late in the day, a load popped up on the board going across the country, clear from one end to the other.  The pay was astronomical, even by our standards.  Ed couldn't dial the phone fast enough.  I thought he was going to break a finger.

After a series of phone calls to determine all the specifics, the load was ours.  We would pick it up over the weekend and be on our way.  This meant we'd be driving over Christmas.  Not ideal, but not horrible.

The load has two stops - something we usually don't do because there's always hassles with stops - but we're pulling their trailer (not our flatbed) and Ed doesn't have to do any strapping and unstrapping, or tarping and untarping.  It's a Conestoga trailer, which means the tarp just rolls back and they unload the freight from the side.  It's essentially no-touch freight.

We'll probably make the first stop on Christmas Day but won't unload until Wednesday, which is perfect for me because I can make the pork loin I have planned for our Christmas dinner.  I'm salivating just thinking of it.  I have movies lined up on my Amazon Prime Watchlist, but still have to come up with something for dessert.  I was thinking of making a cheesecake, but then we'd have to eat the whole cheesecake, so maybe I'll just make two fabulous individual desserts.  Must start Googling. 

The other benefit to taking this load is the fact that we'll likely be hitting enormous amounts of snow.  Maybe not on the initial trek across, but definitely once we get into the mountain passes.  I'm pretty thrilled to know I'll be seeing some of the white stuff for Christmas.

Now I must go prepare the sled.  We'll be taking off soon!

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june in florida said...

You guys be safe that's some real crappy weather heading off the west coast, enjoy your dinner and have a Happy Christmas.

Pat said...

What do you do with your flatbed? Do you have to drive cross country to retrieve it later?

The Daily Rant said...

June: Same to you!! (minus the driving part)

Pat: We left our flatbed at the customer - this is a round trip load using their trailer. So yes, we'll have to go back...but it's paid, empty miles. Much better fuel mileage going back, that's for sure!!

Gil said...

Glad that they are paying round trip! So, what a re you hauling: a load of antique cars to Leno's Garage or a load of expensive cars like Mercedes or BMW?

Safe trip!!!

Belledog said...

Merry Christmas Eve!

Pat beat me to the question re reuniting with your own trailer.

Your trip sounds wonderful, especially with some snow to enjoy.

Be safe out there! Happy holidays!

Jack McCallum said...

That is a Christmas score! Happy Christmas, and enjoy the snow! I wish we had snow here... but no such luck.

scott said...

big $$ loads means christmas gifts for your readers....right????? j/k