Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nothing Is More Memorable Than A Day At The Lake

When looking through my office window, I have time to think about a lot of things - ideas for blog posts, what I'm going to buy Eddie for Christmas, where our next load going, what I'm making for dinner, how I'm going to find time to do all the damn laundry, am I going to choke on this atomic fireball? - you know, important things.  A truckload of things.  Endless things

But there is no "thing" I think about more than where I want to travel next.  Not travel in the truck, but really travel.  Like to other countries, on a plane, although I really hate plane travel so I also think about alternative ways to get to where I want to go, and there aren't too many other ways to get across an ocean.

I usually have a running list in my head of places I want to go, and I'm constantly researching new locations - reading travel magazines, watching videos and TV shows about worldwide destinations, and
building dream trips - I know more about places I want to visit than I do about the town I grew up in. 

My list has recently expanded to include Austria, Scotland, Switzerland, and Northern Italy.  I recently read an article about Piedmont, in which it talked about the fabulous food in the region.  In fact, Food &; Wine Magazine called it
Italy’s New Food Capital.  That's a damn good endorsement. 

I'm particularly interested in the Lakes Region, where you'll find Lago di Garda, Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como (George Clooney has a villa there!), Lago di Iseo, Lago di Orta, Lago di Lugano, and other lesser known lagos (lakes).  There are beautiful villas, luxury hotels, and tiny villages nestled along miles and miles of shoreline.  I even found The Internation Kitchen, a lakes region school that offers cooking vacations.  I'm totally going there.  Oh, and they have snow.  Lakes and snow. 

And you know how I love snow.  

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Gil said...

Enjoy! We spent a day or so at Lake Como. Took a bunch of pictures including one high school kid with his arms full of his beautiful female friends. He gave Anne his name and address so we could send him copies. I had B&W film in the camera and the stupid lab ran it through the color film process. No, We did not write and tell him about the lab. Figured it would be better that he thought we didn't keep our promise than having to figure out how to write him in Italian. This was before Google translate.

Gil said...
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Belledog said...

I absolutely love this picture.