Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Perfected And Built By Italians

Spanning the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the Rockville Bridge.

The eastern end is in Rockville, PA and the western end in Marysville, PA.  Built by Italian laborers, the bridge is 3,820 feet long and has forty-eight equal spans measuring seventy feet each.  It was completed in March 1902, and is the longest stone masonry arch railroad viaduct in the world.  I love this bridge.

I also love stuff that's designated "_______ in the world".  The entire world.  Impressive.

The bridge is visible from the interstate just south of it, and during the day when the water is calm, as it is in the picture, you can see the entire span reflected in it.  At night, the lights from the cities nearby on the banks of the river illuminate the arches just enough that you're able to clearly see through each one.  The Etruscans were the first civilization to use an arch.  I wonder if they ever thought someone would build forty-eight of them in a row?

As far as bridges go, this one is damn purty.

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1 comment:

Marlaina said...

I LOVE this bridge. It, I don't know, gives me a spiritual lift every time I drive by and see it. Sometimes I have to crane my neck around to get my glimpse.

It seems so out of place, yet so perfect, and even from the highway the workmanship is visible. If I can't see it because of traffic or weather it is a disappointment.

Now to know the numbers attached to its majesty makes it even better.