Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways

I spend 365 days a year with Ed.  300 of those days, I'm within three feet of him.  Generally, we have a pretty good relationship and get along great.  Oh, we fight (mostly because of me) and we make up - sometimes several times in a day - but overall, we enjoy each other's company and have been able to exist in such close proximity for almost nine years now.  I'd say there is good reason for that.  Or, we're just both crazy.

To remind myself that I'm not actually crazy, and that I really do love this person I spend nearly every waking moment with, I've compiled a list of thirty-eight things - in honor of his 38th birthday - that I love about Ed.  It was a surprisingly easy task.

1. He’s handsome.

2. He’s always smiling.

3. He’s funny and doesn’t know it.

4. He’s polite.

5. He’s kind to strangers.

6. He likes kids.

7. He’s an excellent driver.

8. He eats (and likes) everything I cook.

9. He’s easy to please.

10. He isn’t high maintenance.

11. He remembers important dates - things like my birthday and when we first met.

12. He listens – even when I’m 100% convinced he’s not.

13. He doesn’t like sports.

14. He’s willing to help strangers.

15. He donates to charities.

16. He’s just the right size.

17. He has feet like a baby – soft, not small.

18. He has the best head of hair I’ve ever seen.

19. He has blue eyes that actually twinkle.

20. He’s mechanically inclined and can fix anything.

21. He’s a good writer.

22. He has life goals (and actually meets them).

23. He saves money.

24. He invests and plans for the future.

25. He can build anything.

26. He’s a reader.

27. He lets me watch my chick flicks, Project Runway, and Downton Abbey and anything else I enjoy with minimal groaning. He even pays attention and knows what’s happening (don’t tell him I told you that!).

28. He’s a computer genius.

29. He’s well-traveled when it comes to the United States and Canada.

30. He likes to do new things.

31. He treats me with respect.

32. He always tells me I look beautiful.

33. He’s concerned about my future and helps me plan it.

34. He gives me the greatest birthday gifts.

35. He’s generous with his time, money and possessions.

36. He’s respectful to my parents, family members and friends.

37. He has taken care of me on the road for over eight years.  And he's patient while doing it.

38. He’s MINE.

Happy Birthday, my sweet corn cake.  I hope your day is fabulous, and you enjoy spending it with me, on the road, crossing this beautiful country of ours.  I know I'll be stealing glances of you out of the corner of my eye, while you drive, looking so handsome and confident and happy. 

At least I think that's what happy looks like.  Unless the smile on your face is from that Cinnabon you just inhaled?

I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic year!

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MAE said...

...Not only your reasons you love him, but our reasons too...Franchi & Me...

june in florida said...

A very Happy Birthday Ed.Really nice to know your appreciated and for so many things.

Anonymous said...

how nice! it seems like he has a lot of good qualities... happy birthdy!


all things bradbury said...

happy birthday, eddie!!...wishing you every good thing!

Belledog said...

He writes a damn fine blog, too. (You did cover that with #21.)

He's cloneable. (Not, alas.)

Happy Birthday to Truckin' Ed. Hope it's a wonderful day for all.

ELH said...

happy birthday to Ed..

Ed said...

Thanks, everybody! I had a great day and I really appreciate the comments!

- Ed

Mom and Dad said...

We are so glad that all these folks love you almost as much as we do.
Love you,
Mom and Dad

Ed said...

Thanks everybody. I had a great day! I have one change to the list though. I like sports, but I like playing them more than watching them.