Saturday, December 21, 2013

In Lieu Of Snow

I came around a corner in our neighborhood today and saw this tree.  Where the hell did that come from?  I don't remember such a bright pop of orange before?!  Maybe it was the ominous clouds hovering over the mountain and the tree that created such a noticeable contrast.

They were winter clouds.  The kind we get when it gets all cold and rainy here.  Except the rain had subsided, leaving the cold behind.  I hope it stays this way all week.  If I can't have snow for Christmas, I'll take forty degrees.

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1 comment:

Belledog said...

So beautiful. Thank you for tree view.

Northern Virginia uncommonly warm. I was washing my car at twilight last night, in capris and flip flops. Had to be 65 degrees. Reminded me of being in Long Beach, bittersweet memory.

Raining all night and today.

Happy Christmas week!