Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Cheer Comes With Antlers

This year I used most of the decorations from last year since I didn't make time to do a lot of shopping - the same "Let it Snow" sticker and the same snowmen.
I did get new wrapping paper for the tissue boxes and the books on my shelves.  And I do have a teeny tiny silver tree in the window and there are lights around the window, which weren't on when this pictures was taken.
I also added a new silver tree decal for the bed/table area.
But my favorite addition is my welcome mat - this adorable reindeer.  He looks very excited to welcome people into our rolling Christmas extravaganza and he adds such cheer to the truck!
Christmas is almost here!

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Anonymous said...

Such a clean room.

Marlaina said...

I want to decorate too. I lobby MacGyver every year for a wreath on the front grill. Every year he says no usually siting the drag on fuel mileage. But this year he said it would get too dirty. And he's right. But I still want it!

MAE said...

I love your Christmas d├ęcor. Who said a house is a home with a woman's touch, and a woman trucker to boot? Let it snow now and I know you'll be happy !!!

mick said...

Thats the truck? It's bigger than our house! Love that view thru to the front-it looks like the Syarship Enterprise

The Daily Rant said...

ANON: I do my best to keep in tidy on the road. It's a small space - things out of place would drive me crazy! LOL

MARLAINA: Fuel mileage, schmuel mileage! We don't do the wreath thing, but we do usually put some sort of Christmas-y thing on the grill. And they do get dirty, but not so much that you can't see what it is and enjoy it for a month or so. And we just throw ours away when done - we buy cheap, plastic stuff. What I really want is to wrap the truck with lights. I still can't get Ed to go for that.

MAE: Glad you like it! It makes me feel really Christmas-y on the road. That, and the constant Christmas music on our satellite radio!

MICK: Yes, that's the truck. I will send you a link to more pictures via Facebook. It's our "home away from home". :)

Decorina said...

I got a new welcome mat for our house: It says