Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Live It

Kona, Hawaii
Yesterday I wrote about us cancelling our upcoming Maui trip, but that doesn't stop me from regularly scouring travel blogs and websites to find the places we'd like to travel next.  

Here are ten blogs and website I really like:

1.  Chris Guillebeau's Travel Hacking Resources

2.  Travel + Leisure

3.  A Luxury Travel Blog for those of you who like to do it up all fancy-like.

4.  Nomadic Matt - Great travel tips, tons of ways to save money, and tons of destination guides.

5.  The 36 Hours column in the New York Times.

6.  If you don't have 36 hours, you can always do 12.

7.  Travelsmith - specifically their destination guides.

8.  Velvet Escape - consider following him on Instagram too, he's got some great pictures!

9.  I know I'm naming three here, but I'm counting it as one since they're similar. Lonely Planet, Frommer's, and Fodors - guidebooks (gone internet, now) I discovered over 25 years ago when I worked for a major bookstore chain.  When the new travel guides would come in, they'd let the employees take as many of the old guides that they wanted.  They're always the ones I check first because they've been around forever and have great reputations.

10.  And  a new site I recently discovered called Fathom.  It's pretty amazing.

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