Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Birthday At The Blowhole

We spent Ed's birthday in Ensenada, Mexico.  It wasn't a very exciting place, a required stop for the cruise ship to make before coming back to the United States, but it wasn't bad.

We had intended to just walk around but when we arrived in town were approached by a tour of the famous La Bufadora that was cheaper than the cruise ship excursion - $15 compared to $50 per person.  Ed, Steve, and I decided it was worth it.  The drive was interesting - very poor people living along a beautiful coastline.

We saw the blowhole - I didn't get any decent pictures - and the boys ate Almejas Gratinadas.  Then we strolled through the row of shops selling cheap Mexican trinkets.

From what we'd heard from other cruisers, that's about all there is to do.

And after we got back on the ship, we didn't have to hear the word "blowhole" anymore.

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