Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Show Time!

We arrived in Louisville late this afternoon.

We decided to come to the Mid-America Trucking Show, a last minute decision made just a few hours ago.

When we left Tucson at the beginning of the month to go back to work, I didn't even take our badges with us - I pre-register for the show every year just in case - because a) I knew our friends wouldn't be at the show and it's always more fun when we're hanging out with them, and b) we were just planning to work since we'd been off for so long.  But then the stars aligned and had us delivering a load three hours from Louisville.

Going to the show now seemed like a possibility but first we had to make sure there wasn't a load calling our name.  So after delivering we spent most of the afternoon looking at loads and said only if we didn't find one, would we head to the show.  

Well, we didn't find one so here we are.  

Ed wandered around for a few hours this afternoon while I napped.  I'll go tomorrow.  We don't really have anything specific to look at but Ed has been talking about getting a bigger sleeper (What the what??  I'm the one who has been wanting a bigger sleeper!) so we'll definitely be checking those out.

The rest of the day will involve wandering aimlessly.

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Unknown said...

Selena..when you talk about finding loads...does landstar help you with that or do you and ed have to find them...I am a company driver exploring the possibility of becoming an owner operator...Love reading your posts...

The Daily Rant said...

RICHARD: Landstar has a load board that we have access to but we are responsible for finding our own loads. Sometimes an agent will call us directly, either because we're in the area and they need a truck or because we've worked with them in the past, but mostly we find our own stuff using the loads posted on the board (which is a computerized list kind of configured like an Excel spreadsheet) which provides us with all the contact information we need.

Please feel free to email me at if you have specific questions about becoming an owner-operator. Ed and I will be more than happy to share with you whatever information might be of help to you.

Thank you for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment!

The Daily Rant said...

RICHARD: Check out this blog post I did several years ago: