Tuesday, March 10, 2015

651 Miles To Go

Zzyzx Road on I-15 in San Bernardino County, California
We haven't been to California since October 2013.

And due to their air resources board regulations, we weren't allowed in the state at all in 2014.  We would have been able to enter in 2014, but we missed the January 31st deadline for registering our truck in the state.  This year we made the registration cutoff date and because of that we're allowed to travel 1,000 miles inside the state of California for 2015.

We'd been home two weeks from the cruise getting everything ready to go back on the road - unpacking, laundry, prepping the truck, grocery shopping, returning items I bought for the cruise but didn't use, etc. - when we finally decided to look for a load.  And wouldn't you know it, the first one we found was coming out of California.  We took it.

There's a lot of chatter about California within the trucking industry.  Many truckers can't or won't go there.  The state is miserable for us - no parking, stringent regulations, 55 mph speed limit (which some people don't like) - we didn't mind missing all of that because really, we didn't need them. 

But we do live in a black hole of freight (for us that means good paying flatbed loads) so it's so sometimes it is convenient.  Although, we don't really need them that bad because it obviously hasn't been a problem for us since October of 2013.  And last year we made the most money we've ever made, very good money, and we did it without one trip to the Golden State.

So once we use up those 1,000 miles - we used 349 on this trip - the state is back on the no-go list, which is fine with me. There are 47 more states in the Lower 48 that are happy to have us.

For now.

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