Friday, June 24, 2016

Man With A Plan

Today we took our site plan for our house addition to the county for approval.  Ed looked very homeowner-ly with his rolled-up set of plans as we ascended to the 9th floor of the county's Development Services building.

I haven't been to this building in over 20 years.  I used to go frequently when I worked for a paving contractor - they always sent one of the girls in the office because the guys hated waiting in line when they could be off on another project somewhere.  I didn't mind because it was the perfect excuse to get out of the office and people watch - I was single then so watching cute contractor-types saunter in and out was a no-brainer for me.

Now, though, almost everything is online and our architect said that building still isn't back to where it was before the construction crash, so the office was very quiet and we were helped immediately.  We were in and out within 30 minutes and were told it would take a minimum of two weeks to do the review.

We're kind of excited and although right now it seems a little daunting, we're looking forward to getting started.

Fingers crossed!

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