Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Saturday's Child Works Hard For A Living

Photo:  Romulo Yanes
Are you compatible with the one you love? Find out HERE.

If Channing Tatum were my boyfriend, sex and I would be friends too.

Exercise 101 - get the skinny on the basics.

Documentaries always make you smarter.  Here are six from NetFlix.

What does the day of the week say about your personality?  I'm a Saturday child.

I can't fully express my love of corn tortillas.  In my opinion, they blow flour tortillas out of the water. Here are some other ways to enjoy them.

Wonder where some of the sounds in the movies come from?  Check this out.

Even fatties can do yoga.

The genius of Kim Kardashian.  Yes, genius and Kardashian in the same sentence.  

Eichler-like home in the Volunteer State.  Kinda awesome.


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