Thursday, June 23, 2016

Manly Ribs

I have no interesting "on the road" stories with this dedicated run, so I'm posting another photo of one of our meals - the star of our Father's Day extravaganza, barbecued ribs.

This was our first attempt - I, personally, have never in my life made ribs - making ribs and I am totally impressed with our success.  I got the four racks of ribs on sale - buy 1, get 3 free - at our local grocery store.  I couldn't pass it up, even though we had no idea what we were going to do.  This, plus grilled chicken breasts, were going to be the main course.

Chicken I can cook in with my eyes closed, but I had to do research for ribs.  Some people boil then grill, some people slow grill, some people do both.  Ed and I both searched online for just the right recipe but were undecided.  Eventually, because of time restraints, we decided to boil and grill because we didn't have time for the slow grilling method.

I didn't know what the hell I was doing but I cut the four racks in half and put them in my giant restaurant pot, added a bunch of stuff I thought might make the ribs tasty - onion, garlic, spices, herbs, vinegar - and boiled them for an hour and a half.  Then I took them out and slathered them with Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce (the one my southern friend recommends) before I handed them over to Ed for him to put on the 'cue.

He basted and grilled, flipped and grilled, basted and grilled some more - and after he inserted the ThermaPen I bought him to ensure absolute accuracy (remember, we're new to the grilling thing and don't want to kill anyone with under-cooked pork) - he determined the ribs were perfectly done.

And boy were they!  They were a huge hit and there were only a few left.

Fourth of July weekend is right around the corner and I'm already getting ideas for what to try next!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! Turn those grill grates over, pointy side up is best!

Anonymous said...

Correct, the grates are installed upside down, better results the other way.